Bsc. CS & MAthematics

3.6 GPA
Experienced Software Engineer
I C++ I Python I Java I SQL I JavaScript I C# I
Quantitative Trader & Dev
5+ years in trading
Speaking Arabic, English and French fluently

Translator AI

Using a database of 40 000 elements, we created an AI that will translate any text on a picture to the language that you want.F1 Score: 91,92%Technologies used: Scikit-learn, Panda, Numpy, Pytorch

Flight O

You have one month and want to go around the world, but don't have the energy to plan anything?Using the quick sort algorithm and my own flight ticket API, this project can find you the best combinations of flights for your vacations to save you big bucks.You only need to put every city you wanna go to and we will do the rest for you.

800 000% ALgorithmic trading bot

Designed a robot trading on the APPLE stock returning an average of 200 000% each year with Pine Script and then C++Theory Used: Keltner Channels, Boilinger Bands

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